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Wael Kettaneh


Young, creative, and passionate about his salon, Wael Kettaneh has been able to establish himself as a successful business owner over the past few years.
Wael was on the path towards a professional athlete career when he decided to pursue his true calling: the business industry. After receiving his “Bachelors degree in Business and Finance“ and his “Master’s degree in Business Management and Leadership”, he pursued his passion to build his own business.
Today Wael credits his wide-ranging knowledge and his innate creativity as the key to his success. His excellent management and focus on customer satisfaction result in flattering looks perfectly tailored to every one of his clients.



Salon Manager

Bio coming soon


Crystal bowlen

Barber | Master Stylist

Crystal has been with Carlos for 25 years. Providing top-notch barbering and some woman hairstyling. With a positive attitude and confidence in all age groups. She will welcome you with a smile and great conversation, possibly even a little song. 



Master Barber

Lorraine started at carlo's in 1998. She provides excellent barbering services to both children and adults She provides a nurturing nature to those who need a little extra help. She greets people with a smile and is most eager to help with almost any task. She's great with children



Barber | Master Stylist

Angelika has been working with Carlo's Barbershop for almost 9 years, providing quality haircuts and good conversations. She is great at tailoring haircuts to customer requests, and will make sure you are happy with your final result. 

image_6483441 (2).JPG


Barber | Master Stylist

Fera has an infectious, gentle, warm personality and always positive. She started chop chopping, styling and scrunching hair since 2005 with her advance training from Paris. 

Fera has a gift for making women feel like themselves, listens and then give them the kind of hair that they wanna take a selfie every day. 

Fera loves staying in latest trends she always upgrades her skills with trainings. Her strength is long thick textured hair. Have to highlight how good she is in men haircut, fades and style. Super friendly with kids for their haircuts.

Not only is Fera an excellent hairdresser she is sought after for her bridal and special event styling as well as Makeup. She is highly skilled in updo’s, braiding, and blowouts. 

Fera’s head massage is to die for. Make sure you book ahead to be sure Fera is available.


Be prepared to be Fera’s  next addictive client.

image0 (1).jpeg


Master Barber  | Mater Stylist 

Vlada is a professional barber from Ukraine, she has been in this business for 8 years.
Listens to her client and chooses a suitable haircut guided by knowledge of hair structure, head shape, and overall client style.
*Clipper cut
*Thinned out
*Short back and sides
Vlada charges up her clients with a positive attitude and makes them smile.
Sparkle magic in one session



Master Barber  

With 20 years of experience and continuous ongoing education, Ali utilizes a strong foundation in traditional barbering techniques and a keen eye for modern trends to seamlessly blend the best of both worlds.
Precise cuts,  gentle touch  and patience along with her ability to tackle nearly any topic of conversation with a high likelihood of jokes (so many jokes) have clients feeling confident, comfortable and eager to return to her chair.



Master stylist/ Master colorist/ Extensionist

Myrian a highly skilled master stylist, master colourist, and certified extensionist with an impressive 22 years of experience in the industry.
Specializing in precision haircuts, intricate colouring techniques, and the art of adding natural-looking extensions. Her meticulous attention to detail and commitment to delivering exceptional results have earned her a loyal client base.
Whether it's a bold new haircut, a vibrant colour change, or the addition of voluminous extensions, Myrian possesses the expertise and artistic vision to bring any hair dream to life. Her commitment to ongoing education ensures that she stays at the forefront of the industry, continuously expanding her knowledge and skill set.

Book an appointment with Myrian today, and experience firsthand the magic she can weave with her scissors, colours, and extensions.


wayne kelly

Master Barber  | Stylist 

Wayne, has 30 years in the industry as a Master and has worked his whole career in Halifax.  Waynes specializes in all aspects of hair design and has an incredible clientele but always has room for you.  


Bob martin

Master Barber 

Bob, has over 30 years in the industry as a Master and has worked his whole career in the Bedford-Sackville area.  Bob trained under master Italian barbers which gives him the skills of a true barber along with a modern styling ability.  Bob is a sports enthusiast and is knowledgeable of the stars of today and those of years gone by.  Come in and get to know Bob.  



Master Barber 

Andrew is a barber from the local area for the last 19 years. He is a friendly/ meticulous/ professional Barber.



Master Barber | Hairstylist

Woo came to Carlo's from South Korea, possessing both National Hairdresser Licence from Korea and Barber Licence from NS. Providing meticulous and gentle touch with a good attitude.



Master Barber

With a decade-long expertise in the field of barbering, I, a skilled and proud barber coming from Lebanon, am delighted to also boast two years of invaluable experience acquired in Canada.


I am thrilled about the opportunity to continue serving the community for years to come. I understand the ongoing demand for quality barbershops, and I am fully dedicated to delivering the highest level of service to my clients. Whether you have been a longtime regular or a new customer, rest assured that you will receive the same exceptional care and attention from me.

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